Sunday, February 26, 2006

The more things stay the same.....

Vernon Baker is a hero. He is one of many black service men that fought for our country, and a country(Italy, near Torino) being invaded by Nazi Germany in WWII. Mr. Baker, and his comrades, were treated as less than human, they were segregated, and sent on suicide missions, because of the color of their skin.

I hear so often, how great this country is. How much freedom we have. But have you ever noticed, most of the people saying these things are white Americans? I have. As long as their is still violence against people because of the color of their skin, the type of religion they practice, their gender and their sexual orientation, we are still that country that sent men on suicide missions because they were black. We are still that country that made black people sit at the back of the bus, wouldn't allow black service men into the PX or the military bars, but would allow German prisoners, because they were white. We are still that country that thinks women are supposed to be barefoot and pregnant, with a frying pan in one hand, and a diaper in the other, while still being "beautiful" for her "man".

WWII ended a little over 60 years ago. We've not come that far. Read the newspaper. Look at all the black churches being sent afire in the south. Look at all the sexual discrimination against women in the work force, who still aren't earning the same amount of money, as a man, for the same job. Look at all the supposed "Christians" telling others that their religion is wrong and they will go to hell for it. Look at the crimes against the gay community. Look at the abuse some children go through at the hands of "adults". Look at the over-crowding of our prisons.

I'm not saying that all of the ills of our country are because of White America. Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Italian, and all other ethinicity's are just as bad. We have black against white, Christian against Jew, Republicans against Democrats, man against woman. How great would this country be, if we truly embraced our fellow American, lifted them up, celebrated them, and worked together to form a strong, united country? No one could touch us. No one could threaten us. No one could break us.

By the way, I'm a white female. Catholic. Independant. And I love my country. But oh, it could be so much more. So very much more.